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I’m claiming the scoop on TechCrunch

Back in February I wrote:

TechCrunch looks certain to dump Federated Media as its ad partner with the growing media organisation now investing in a direct sales force.

Michael Arrington has previously questioned their relationship with Federated Media, complaining about both the margins Federated were taking and also the fact that TechCrunch was effectively holding up other lesser blogs. Then today, I noticed that on the Crunch Board, TechCrunch is advertising for not one, but two sales directors.

Today, TechCrunch announced that their relationship with Federated Media was over.

Federated Media has been our advertising partner since December 2005. The first checks they sent us allowed TechCrunch to become something more than a guy sitting in a spare bedroom talking about startups to a small audience. Revenue from Federated Media let me hire our first few writers and helped accelerate our growth to the point where we are today.

We’ve had our very vocal dustups with Federated Media over the years, but the fact is that we owe FM a lot, and I’m somewhat sad to announce today that our relationship with them is coming to an end (see Federated’s announcement here). We’ll no longer be working with them on ad sales. We’ve long sold many of our ads directly, and as of now we’ll be taking control of 100% of TechCrunch network ad inventory.

While I’m on the subject of my older posts and subscriptions, I noted yesterday the success that Pandora was having selling music via iPhones

More than three yearsa ago I posted this:  “If I had to put my testicles on the chopping block and successfully pick one acquisition that’s going to take place in the next 12 months or lose my marbles, I’d without hesitation point Cupertino way and predict that Apple will buy Pandora.”

It still hasn’t happened obviously but I still think its just about the most perfect fit on any two tech companies on the globe. I think perhaps the fact that Pandora has had legal issues.

Finally, I was wrong that Google would launch its Web Drive in the first quarter. It’s coming folks, it’s just a matter of when.


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