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Windows 7 rocks

About a year ago, I bought the missus a low-end Lenovo laptop so I could reclaim my own. However, from day one she hated it, complaining that it was slow and that she kept getting strange, annoying pop-ups.

There were two reasons for this. The first was that Lenovo likes to add value with a whole bunch of additional software that runs on top of the operating system. And the second was that the operating system was Vista. Put these two things together and the machine was just a dog. The better half struggled with it for a while, but basically gave up on it despite the fact that I switched off as much of the Lenovo software as I could.

However, with the onset of winter and the unwilligness to want to head down to the bottom level of our house where it’s much colder, the laptop was brought out again this week. Then we had all sorts of trouble getting it to connect to the network (which I finally solved by resetting the router and rebooting the computer). I’d had enough. So I decided I’d try Windows 7 on the basis that even if it destroyed the laptop, it would only be mildly more useless than it was at the present.

So did the upgrade last night and from the moment it booted up, Windows 7 has been a joy. The laptop is humming along nicely and the wife loves the new look OS and I think I’ve been able to clean up the desktop and simplify how she gets to her major apps. So well done, Microsoft. I’m now dying to get all on our machines on Windows 7 so I can finally get them all networked, which has been a problem forever in our household since I introduced Vista machines into the network mix.

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