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Will Shared Folders open up the way for GDrive?

All Google Docs users today will be proclaiming Hallelejuah with news that Google has finally launched Shared Folders in Google Docs.

It has puzzled me for the last two years why cloud vendors have had so much trouble launching a Shared Folder feature. Google admits it was the most requested feature from users buts its taken them years to get this update live.

Zoho users have also been crying out for this feature for years. They look to have launched a work-around feature, but still don’t have true Shared Folders.

And I’ve been dying for Sugar Sync to offer a true Shared Folder feature – the company launched a half-baked version of Shared Folders whereby you could share a web folder but not via sync. Again, from all the comments and forums I’ve read on their blog, it seems to be one of the most requested features.

I have no idea why architecturally shared folders has proven so challenge, but now that Google has this feature it will surely push any one competing in this space to race this functionality out. Being able to share a folder is just so important because its the way people know how to work – its how they collaborate on LAN servers.

I actually wonder if getting this feature right has been what has been delaying Google’s long anticipated GDrive. We know this product is being developed but it remains stubbornly behind Google doors. I can actually understand Google not wanting to launch GDrive without that sharing functionality – it really is that important. Oh, and Google have also improved the uploading feature so multiple files can be uploaded – another must-have requirement I’d suggest for GDrive.

To me, it looks like Google now has all the technology pieces in place to launch GDrive.

It has syncing, which it does via Picasa.
It has off-line storage, uploading etc in Google DOcs.
It now has shared folders and multiple uploads
It has architectures in place now to manage productivity docs, images, and videos via Docs, Picasa and YouTube

Surely, GDrive can’t be too far away now.

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