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Wave interface across all Google apps

My last post suggested that Google really needed to integrate its Wave technology across all of its product line. I suggested it might be too tough a goal for Google given the dramatic re-building of its apps that it would require.

However, maybe, this is exactly what Google is doing. Engadget today published screenshots that show the Google Wave interface being adopted in both GMail and Google News.

If these aren’t fakes, it does suggest that Wave could become the centrepiece around its entire App strategy, as I suggested it needed to do. That would be game-changing.

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3 Responses

  1. Darren says:

    I read your last article and thought it must be inevitable that Google will integrate all it’s existing platforms with Wave.

    It will be interesting to watch the effect of this technology on the market place over the next few years. I wonder if Google will be able to own a new piece of the user experience to go with it’s search and ad delivery platforms. It will be no mean feat, especially considering they will need to take down MS Exchange as the incubent. At least with Search they were up against relatively weak competition. Can’t image MS giving up on Email/Exchange without a fight.

  2. tenis nike says:

    Excelente texto obrigado por tudo.

  3. John Graves says:

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