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I’m back, baby

So I’ve decided to re-birth my blog. After having my head down on my business and various interests of late, I’ve not had a lot of time for social networking or voicing my views on the world. However, I’ve found myself attracted to Google Plus and as my company hopefully shifts into an expansion phase, it’s probably a good idea for me to get myself out and about on the wider world web a bit.


Filed under: AJAX Challenge

2 Responses

  1. tenis oakley says:

    Incrivel, ate mais baby

  2. John Graves says:

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    An attic fan, on the other hand, is installed at the roof level (or gable end), and it regulates the heat level of a building’s attic by exhausting hot air. An attic fan requires additional roof vents to draw in fresh air as the hot air is exhausted.

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