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Why Apple should offer Windows

As someone who likes to get out there and hypothesise, I’m going to half come to the defence of John Dvorak who suggested that Apple may ditch Mac OS for Windows.

Clearly that won’t happen, as had been widely accepted and explained around the Blogosphere. Gadgetopia – “more preposterous than ever“, Matthew Ingram – “it’s a new low“, MacSlash – “delusional, pot-smoking, half-baked, preposterous, offensive, short-pants-wearing, goose-stepping, lollypop-eating crazy idea” & TechBlog – “whatever professional contrarian John Dvorak is smoking, I want none of it“. Ditching Mac OS X would be like ripping out a major artery.

However, Apple should offer Macs running on Windows. And I’ve even got the marketing strategy to make it fly which I’m offering up just because I’m a nice guy. Read the rest of this entry »

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