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Bits of Squash: Scoble ditches memeorandum

One of the reasons I haven’t posted much lately is I just haven’t had time for the big, long analytical posts that I like to write so I’m going to try something different – Bits of Squash. For those of you that know our MediaConnect sites, think of it as like a Web 2.0 Epitome on Amphetamines. Enough with the pre-amble, here’s the first edition of Bits of Squash…

Tech.memeorandum’s biggest advociate, the Scobleizer now thinks the memetracker makes him dumber so is going back to his RSS reader which apparently makes him smarter. Quick, pull the kids out of schools and give ’em NewsGator. Scoble doesn’t have Squash on his blogroll, so we find it hard to fathom is argument… In related news, Dave Winer hates the Snarks. Someone help me out with this. Is Snarkiness the new Web 2.0 word for debate?…

And in ANZAC Squash, Fairfax has bought a New Zealand classifieds site, Trade Me. Another example of big media sitting there thinking we can buy into this dot com stuff anytime we need to and then clean up when it’s really big, business. Better hope those edge models, don’t start working, boys… Stan Beer and Stuart Corner’s iTWire made it to the top of Digg with his Microsoft bagging Open Office story. The boys obviously need a bigger server because the Digg Effect appears to have sunk the ship for the moment at least…

Personal Squash… Dave Winer talks about “unconferences“. This is the direction we’re going with our September MediaConnect Forum. I’ve had it with lecturing. We’re big boys and girls, now, surely lectures are best left to the classroom…

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