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Eating your own dog food

We’ve been looking for a great CRM tool for some time to replace our internally-developed Notes-based system, without much luck I might add, but I received an email today from a company called Entellium today promoting a new CRM offering called Rave.

Last time, I looked into Entellium, I got fobbed off because we were too small. We have just a couple of people who do sales so we don’t need some of the bells and whistles that larger sales departments might require. As such, while I felt a little bit unloved by being told so bluntly that they weren’t interested in my business, I reasoned that they were probably saving my time and theirs, and so didn’t give it too much further thought.

However, the Rave promo was touting $25 per month and seemed very firmly pitched at my end-of-town. Further more, it appeared very closely aligned with the sales methodology our inhouse system has been based on, using stars to rate clients and prospects.

So I enthusiastically responded, requesting a trial and more information. Today I recieved an email from Entellium, once again fobbing me off. This is what it said:

“Thank you for your interest in Entellium. It appears your business is located in an area not yet served by Entellium.  Although our company is rapidly expanding its global presence, we do not feel that we can adequately meet your needs at this time.


“A number of other vendors serve your local market, and we encourage you to explore opportunities with them.”

 Firstly, why did I get sent an email for an offering that apparently isn’t relevent to me? Not a very good advertisement for the sophistication of the email campaign offering.

And secondly, are these guys serious? Here we have a web-based, CRM company who should really be leading the way in both selling and servicing customers via the web and thereby opening up global opportunities and they refuse to sell to me because I’m in Australia! Not only do they not want to sell to me right now, it appears they have such little interest in my business that they’re encouraging me to go off and sign-up with their competition.

I honestly don’t get it. Is their system so difficult to use or set-up that they can’t do web-based customer service?

Entellium proudly trumpets that its CEO was a former sales-rep and that it better understands sales. Well, if my experience with Entellium to date is an example of best practice sales processes and methodologies then leave me out of it thank you very much.

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