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Google Blogger Web Comments, oi, oi, oi

One big problem with Blogs is they’re just too bloody hard to find. A new initiative from Google may just be a shot of china white in the arm for the good ol’ Blogosphere.

Google has announced a new Firefox extension called Blogger Web Comments whereby you can press a button and view blog comments about the page your reading. We know it’s our job to cast something of a sceptical eye over these kinds of things but Squash reckons this is a very cool idea.
And anyway it’s gotta be cool, because it’s been developed by an Australian by the name of Glen Murphy. Oi Oi Oi. For those of you who aren’t Australian and were not previously aware that anything Australia is intrinsically cool, well, consider yourself told.
But back to the point, blogs will go mainstream when:
1)      They’re far easy to find
2)      The crap gets filtered and the cream rises to the top
This extension has the potential to help dramatically in the case of 1). It’s a shame that all the current blog search engines are so inadequate at 2) that its potential will likely remain as just that for a little while yet.
Incidently, Squash still uses Explorer. We do that because it’s really cool to be using Firefox right now, and Squash thinks being cool is really uncool and from where we sit uncoolness is right up there in terms of cool. Cool? However, instead of channeling our patriotism into heading down to nulla and turning into an ape, we may have to fire up the old Firefox and try out this extension for size.

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