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MySpace a Frankenstein?

Fark me. Now, Rupert Murdoch’s gotten stuck into the Kool Aid.

The establishment is stuffed. Bloggers are taking over, says Rupert.

“It is a creative, destructive technology that is still in its infancy, yet breaking and remaking everything in its path. We are all on a journey, not just the privileged few, and technology will take us to a destination that is defined by the limits of our creativity, our confidence and our courage”

Of course, it’s all very well for Rupe’s to say that now that he owns MySpace, which even for the gazillions he paid is now starting to look like a big of a bargain. We’re quite sure that Rupert believes he’s going to ride the wave of disruption and come out the other end bigger and better, but I don’t think we’ve even begun to see how media economics are going to be ridden over rough-shod in the coming years.

Already, online is eating into newspaper revenues, right? In response to that, newspapers all over the globe are sacking reporters. Which will impact their quality at a time when their under the greatest competitive threat of their existence. Which means less readers, less revenue, less reporters, less quality and so on the cycle goes.

Meanwhile at the Edge, microeconomics are building steam. Micropublishers are being armed with better, cheaper tools that enable them to build sites not dissimiliar to the big boys. Sacked journalists are hitting out on their own and breaking the news on blogs. Blogs are being used to post classifieds, job vacancies, and so on. And the only real thread that’s running through it all is that NOBODY’S making any real money!

So be careful, Rupert. You may have hit one home run with MySpace but you’re only at the bottom of the first. There’s a very good chance, that the beasts that you’re building could prove to be your very own Frankenstein.


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11 Responses

  1. Seth says:

    Re: the sacked journalists
    Sacked journalists are doing what they love again and without the corporate censorship! This is awesome… Now lets encourage journalists to quit on their own instead.

    Re: nobody making money
    Get rid of the psychopath corporate profit-profit-profit mentality and just maybe our information sources will be truly public again and we can look to human interaction again instead of glossy, high fat, low value advertainment!

  2. Asher Moses says:

    I’m still waiting for a good Aussie content aggregator for GENERAL news before I even think about ditching my trusty newspaper. You mean to tell me I should sift through hundreds of blogs each day and decide for myself what’s important? bah!

    For specific subject areas, such as tech, my needs are more than catered for by the blogosphere/online publishers. However, for general news you can’t beat a newspaper. We need professional editors to sift through the stories of the day and tell us what’s important. Joe Blogger can’t do that.

  3. chris says:

    When I read a newspaper, I distinctly get the impression of the undergirding reality of information source standards and reliability. When I read a blog, I generally get the impression that what I am reading is likely an opinion, a rumor, gossip, or generally something largely un-official (unless stated otherwise). Until some obvious means of differentiating fact from fiction in the blogosphere exists, I just might read a paper or two.

  4. Kenneth Hood says:

    Myspace would metaphorically be Frankenstein’s Monster, not Dr. Frankenstein.

  5. choleric says:

    At least he didn’t compare us to Cortez.

  6. Coelomic says:

    It all depends on how old media adapt to new situations. One example that springs to mind is the BBC. Their website complements what they do, and attracts a lot of readers. There is still a certain charm to reading a newspaper, than a downlaoded pdf file or a news item on a website.

  7. Rob Irwin says:

    As I regularly say on Cam Reilly’s blog, the mediums will co-exist. There will never be a moment, no matter how hyper some bloggers get about it, where they will be waving a black flag over the ruins of an old media empire. Conversely, there will never be a moment where the old media will look back and say, “Ha! Well, that was a fad, wasn’t it?” The two are both here to stay and will entwine themselves around in each other in ever-increasing ways. The sooner people realise this, and get with the program, the better off we’ll all be.

  8. […] MySpace a Frankenstein? papers all over are sacking reporters, which means less readers, less revenue, less reporters, less quality and so on, micropublishers are being armed with better, cheaper tools, Blogs are being used to post classifieds, job vacancies, etc. (tags: News2.0) […]

  9. Welcome to the Glass House

    Thanks to Bernard Moon, I found Phil Sim , a technology journalist and media director who throws stones at the glass house where all us 21st Century writers live.  If you ever get too stuck on yourself, just visit Squash…

  10. ashley says:

    i like ur frankeinstein its awesome i like to read it to i could just read it over and over again.

  11. Santiago says:

    Anyone else having bother with myspace or is it just my pc?
    Last couple of days it seems it wont let me download any song from anywhere.
    Anyone having same bother – or anyone how to sort it?

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